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When exploring the countryside and beaches of Costa Rica it seems almost everything is for sale. "Se Vende" real estate signs abound in Costa Rica all throughout the Central Pacific, the Caribbean and other popular regions.

The Central Pacific is preferred by visitors looking to buy for sale by owner (FSBO) real estate due to titles in Jaco and Hermosa. Transactions in other areas are done through concessions.

The Caribbean has become a hotspot to purchase FSBO real estate and beachfront transactions are done on concessions. The popular beaches are Puerto Viejo, Punta Uva, and Playa Manzanillo.

The South Pacific may not be the fastest-growing region in Costa Rica but its infrastructure has improved in recent years.

The North Pacific is probably the most popular non-Central Valley region among foreign visitors. The Papagayo and Conchal - Flamingo areas feature outstanding infrastructure.

While it is common knowledge that Costa Rica has the strongest economy and largest tourism industry in Central America, there are many other reasons why buyers choose Costa Rica.

With an extremely stable government, Costa Rica provides a lucrative and safe environment for investment and retirement. There are also many business opportunities for individuals hoping for a change of pace in a tropical paradise.

A growing number of expatriates from North America and Europe move to Costa Rica every year.

In fact, many newcomers to Costa Rica are individuals of all ages looking to take advantage of the “Pura Vida” or pure life which Costa Rica provides. Whether they seek investment opportunities, beautiful homes, or an opportunity to enjoy local culture, most newcomers to Costa Rica have positive experiences.

Whether one is looking for isolation and beauty in the mountains or along the sea, or modern residences in developed upscale towns, Costa Rica has it all at a reasonable cost of living.

Because real estate activities in Costa Rica are unregulated by the government, it's recommended for foreigners to hire the services of reputable real estate agents.

The Costa Rica Real Estate Board (CCCBR) is the oldest organization in the country that provides direction in this important activity. Founded in 1974, it is the most professional real estate institution.

Board members are professionals in different specialties including appraisers, advisors, sales and rental agents. Their expertise cover all areas of residential, commercial and industrial real estate in Costa Rica.

For sale by owner real estate buyers should always hire the services of well-known attorneys to obtain the best advice throughout the buying process. The United States Embassy has a list of bilingual attorneys in Costa Rica, please see http://sanjose.usembassy.gov/attorney.html.

Costa Rica Guide - Costa Rica Real Estate

Costa Rica, come visit and stay!