The house, known locally at Monteverde as the “casa grande”, sits on a small hill, next to a horse ranch and a few small houses.

Howler monkeys make the trek through the forest nearby and from time to time Whiteface monkeys poke around.

Monteverde Home
Monteverde Home
Monteverde Home

Bird watching is great, right from the property, but also nearby are some prime destinations for the Resplendent Quetzal, now near extinct and beautiful, and many other rare and beautiful birds.

The property is at too high of an elevation for many bothersome insects, but large moths and beautiful butterflies come by. The giant Blue Morpho is a sight to see and not uncommon.

There are several routes to pacific beaches from Monteverde, including the ferry over to Southern Puntarenas, a set of small islands and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The home is about three to four hours from San Jose, depending on the traffic, but they have been paving the road – it is paved most of the way now - so that it will be an easier drive in the future.

The house enjoys beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and valley. Not far from the house, on the way to Monteverde and Santa Elena, one can see the ocean. The house sits about two kilometers below the peaks, so the clouds usually dissipate before rolling down to the property, so the weather is great.