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Costa Rica Fact Sheet  
June 2006  
Pali 95
Max X Menos 23
Maxi Bodegas 6
Hiper Más 4
Associates 6,990

Wal-Mart Central America

In September 2005, Wal-Mart acquired a 33 1/3 percent interest in CARHCO from the Dutch retailer Royal Ahold NV. In March 2006, Wal-Mart increased its interest to 51% and the name CARHCO was changed to Wal-Mart Central America.

Wal-Mart Central America is the region's largest retailer, with 363 supermarkets and 23,000 associates in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Wal-Mart Central America has three operative companies: La Fragua, founded in Guatemala in 1928 by Carlos Paiz Ayala; CSU, founded in Costa Rica in 1960 by Enrique Uribe Pages; and Corporación de Compañías Agroindustriales (CCA), a supplier of meat and seafood, fruit, grain, vegetables and bakery products.

Expansion Plans

Wal-Mart Central America plans to open 8 new stores in Costa Rica in 2006.

Awards and Recognition

CSU received the Community Contribution Award from the Costa Rican-American Chamber of Commerce for being a socially responsible company that supports important community initiatives. The company also received the Ecological Banner, a recognition given by the Costa Rican Government to environmentally friendly companies.

Community Involvement

In 2005, CSU raised and contributed over $1 million to support local communities in Costa Rica. Stores across the country helped raise funds to support disaster relief programs, education grants and scholarships and Dulce Ayuda, a program that supports the health and education of children.

Environmental Initiatives

Wal-Mart Central America is committed to reducing the company’s footprint on the environment. The stores in Costa Rica participate in recycling, energy conservation and residual water treatment programs. CSU’s distribution center recycles over 9 tons of cardboard each day. The company also supports a PET plastic recycling program at La Hondura School and has an associate volunteer program for environmental initiatives.

Images of Wal-Mart's Costa Rica operations

Maxi Bodegas are warehouse stores with an average size of 21,500 square feet. There are five Maxi Bodegas in Costa Rica.

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