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Intel To Add Two New Manufacturing Sites

A New Wafer Fab in Texas and Assembly/Test Plant in Costa Rica

China Assembly/Test Plant Starts Construction

Santa Clara, Calif., November 13, 1996 -- Intel Corporation today announced it intends to build two new factories -- an advanced logic wafer fabrication plant in Fort Worth, Texas and an assembly/test plant in San Jose, Costa Rica. These are Intel’s first manufacturing facilities in both locations. The company also said it has begun construction on its assembly/test plant in Shanghai, China, that had been announced last year.

Intel is working with officials in both Texas and Costa Rica to obtain permits, approvals for utility service and applicable economic development programs before construction can begin.

"We believe growth of the PC industry will continue and are taking appropriate steps to make sure that Intel will be able to meet the needs of our customers. Our position in the marketplace of tomorrow will be determined by the provisions we make today," noted Dr. Craig Barrett, Intel’s chief operating officer.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Fort Worth, Texas will be the site of Intel’s Fab 16, the company’s newest advanced logic wafer fabrication factory. The first phase of the plant will be approximately 800,000-square-feet in size and feature an 75,000- square-foot "Class 1" clean room. This factory will build advanced logic products on 0.25 micron technologies and then progress to smaller geometries in the future. (One micron is equal to 1/1,000,000 of a meter, or 1/22,400th of an inch, or approximately 1/100th the thickness of a human hair.)

The first phase (Fab 16) of the Fort Worth site is projected to cost $1.3 billion (U.S.) and is scheduled to be operational by 1999. When at full capacity, the plant will employ over 800 people.

San Jose, Costa Rica

A6/T6, the latest assembly/test plant for Intel, will be located in San Jose, Costa Rica. This site will initially consist of two buildings that represent 400,000-square-feet of manufacturing space. The site is projected to cost more than $300 million when fully operational and is expected to employ 2,000 people over the next few years. The plant is scheduled to begin operations in early 1998.

Shanghai, China

Today Intel broke ground on its first manufacturing site in China. The Shanghai-based facility will assemble and test flash memory chips for export to international markets. Construction will start immediately. The factory is expected to be in production by mid-1998 employing around 500 people during its initial phase.

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products. Additional information about Intel is available at www.intel.com/pressroom

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